Story Prompt 2 — Stories Where Protagonists Life Goes From 0 to 100 (or vice versa)

  1. The Rise (0 to 100)
  • From failure to success (The pursuit of happiness)
  • From rags to riches (Slumdog Millionaire, Breaking Bad)
  • From chaos to order (The silver lining playbook, limitless)
  • From obscurity to fame (Black Swan, 8 mile)
  • From injustice to justice (Shawshank redemption, A few good men)
  • From success to failure (Wall street)
  • From sanity to madness (Fight club, apocalypse now / heart of darkness, rosemary’s baby, the shining)
  • From freedom to Captivity/enslavement (The Pianist, 12 years a slave)



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Rahul Patil

Rahul Patil

Writer and aspiring film-maker. Here to write about the art of storytelling, movies, books, practical psychology and new things that I'm learning.